REACH’s Growing Community

REACH Partners

Here is what communities are saying about us:

Laney College Green Job Training

“Working with REACH has been a incredible experience!”

Longfellow Elementary School 

“We will forever remember REACH for helping us to green our school, our lives, and our world.”


REACH is a terrific program!”

Urban Solutions

“The staff really enjoyed the time and had fun while learning”

Orinda Arts Council

“REACH is performing a valuable service by bringing focus to and stimulating conversations about energy conservation and sustainability among community organizations, businesses, and individuals.”

Conservation Corps North Bay, Project Re-Gen 

“Our students will use this information to teach their peers.”

Wind In The Willows Early Learning Center

“The program is helping future generations gain an understanding of the importance of energy conservation and reduction, which helps them understand that they are part of the community, and that we all have to work together to make a difference.”

Rising Sun Energy Center

“For us, it’s all about getting people into jobs.  Now, we can’t wait to contact contractors to tell them about the hands-on lighting retrofit training our graduates received.”